Your Personal Handmade Jewelry Shop

When we heal and balance inside, our outer world automatically changes. All of my jewelry is designed and crafted to assist you in doing just that.
Through my own healing journey I've connected with stones and crystals and have allowed them to assist and guide me back to my true center. They are a part of my daily life and I am just beginning to discover the healing wisdom that they innately carry.
Learning to wrap and design jewelry has allowed me to further my passion and share these ancient healers in a beautiful way that look and feel amazing!
I am a believer in energy, connection, and one universal heartbeat. I also believe in healing, joy and happiness as a Birthright.

My purpose in making jewelry is to share the sacred journey of balancing ones self. May we take the time each day to listen to our highest self. To recognize that our well being is body, mind, and spirit. And by practicing the flow of Sacred Symmetry within we will automatically shift the world around us.