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We have created 2 Chakra Healer Sets- this is the feminine set. It is a bit smaller in size and fits most women's wrists. Measuring  7.5-8in. (If you need a different size, just tell me what length in the comment box when you purchase)
-This set includes 7 bracelets- one for each of the major chakras in our bodies. 
-Designed for the highest quality using only the best A-B grade gemstones, each bracelet includes 2 crystal types- both correlating to the specific chakra as well as silver plated beads and clasp. 
-This is a perfect companion for healers and those doing intensive healing work. 
--It is so important to learn how to work with and balance our own energies before we work with others in an energetic way. This set is one you can work with daily as you dive deeper into knowing and balancing yourself- mind body and spirit.

1st/base chakra: red coral & onyx
2nd/sacral chakra: Aventurine & garnet
3rd/solar plexus chakra: yellow jade & tigers eye
4th/heart chakra: amazonite & rose quartz
5th/throat chakra: angelite & sodalite
6th/third eye chakra: flourite & amethyst
7th/crown chakra: clear quartz & moonstone
-Each set comes in a nice box with velvet pillow ready to give as a gift. Includes cards explaining each chakra and the metaphysical properties of each stone. 

Chakra Healer Set- feminine