This dainty necklace is a style for those who resonate with 'less is more'. Its a compliment generator. Choose from 16-18in matte gold colored or sterling silver chain, each Chakra is presented with all natural crystals, helping to balance your Chakras all day long.
Available in all 7 chakra colors, or choose one solid color bar.


What are Chakras?
The Chakra system consists of 7 major energy points in your body. Starting from the base, moving up the spine to slightly above your head. When these energy points are open and flowing together is when we feel our best. Thru the stresses of life and as we ebb and flow our chakras can become murky, slowed, or blocked. Our chakra jewelry allows your body to align itself- encouraging a healthy flow of energy in your body.

Chakra Necklace

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