Intro to Crystals Class - Video File & Crystal Kit

This is a digital copy of the Video: Intro To Crystals Class & Intro To Crystals Kit


You will receive by email:

-(2) video links, 1 hour sessions each

-Class Manual


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-Your Crystal Kit


Class Details:

So, you have been feeling drawn to Crystal Energy. You may even have a collection of Crystals at home.. but..


In this class you will advance your knowledge of Healing Crystals as we teach you all the tools you will need to begin a Journey of Connection with your Intuitive Self and the Natural World around you. Weither you are a seasoned crystal user, or this is your first experience, I will walk you thru from the very beginning with useful and practical ways to connect to and apply crystals into your healing practice and daily life!


Cost breakdown
-- $17.50 for each hour of Instruction
-- $25 Crystal Kit (Sage bundle, Selenite Wand, Rose Quartz Sphere, 2 Clear Quartz Points, 2 Amethyst, Moqui Ball, Black Tourmaline, Pocket info cards for each stone, pocket chakra card)
-- Class Manual: 12 page instructional packet covering everything we learn, Meditations and Pictures you can use to further your personal Crystal Journey!


What you will learn:
What is Energy, why its Important, and how to sense it
Get to know your Personal Energy System/ 7 Major Chakras
How different types/shapes of crystals conduct energy differently
How to Cleanse, Program, and Activate your crystals
Ways to use crystals for yourself, home, car, any space
Crystal Affirmations and Meditations

Crystal Layouts
And MORE!!!
Community and connection with others on the crystal healing path
LOTS of hand picked resources for your continued learning
Access to private Facebook Messenger Group to pick my brain about anything crystal related!!!!

I am so honored and excited to share this time with you, to share what I have learned and why crystals are a vital part of my daily healing practice! Please Join US!

    Intro to Crystals Class - Video File & Crystal Kit

    • ******VERY IMPORTANT******

      Please wait until you receive the kit before you watch the videos!! You will get SO much more from the class if you have your crystals infront of you while we practice and learn together!