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The courage to be vulnerable

Starting a business is vulnerable stuff. So is sharing an artistry with strangers. Putting yourself out there to be seen in this world can seem really scary. If I'm honest, thats why I love this so much.

Sacred Symmetry has been in business for 6 months now, and we are just beginning to figure things out. I still have those days when I think to myself- "Oh my gosh, this is really working!". Like taking that first ride on the bicycle with out training wheels it's as exhilirating as it is terrifying.

We all have those times in our lives when we are called to do more, be more. When there is a pull from inside of us that refuses to stay in our comfortable ruts and routines. When that call comes we have a choice. I'd like to say that I listened everytime I had this call instead of burying my head and thoroughly stomping out the fire inside my heart. But this time things are different. This time, I'm finding the courage to be vulnerable.

Because what I have learned is that vulnerability is the birthplace of connection. And at the end of the day that is what we are all craving. Its what happiness and success thrive on. When I feel connected, open, a part of- everything changes. Im instantly empowered to be my best self. I want to go for the dreams I've never dared to. I get up in the morning with purpose and I want to make a difference in this world.

So I'm inviting you on this journey with me. To be transparent and vulnerable and share my process and what I'm learning with you. I want for us to grow together. This company will be so much more than Jewelry. Sacred Symmetry is built on the knowing that we are each connected deeper than we realize. And as we have the courage to shine our light, it gives others the courage to do the same. We must heal together, as a collective, so here is my little part. Im standing up to be seen.